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Mike Walburn is a professional headshot photographer in the North Side of Chicago. Mike knows that in todays world it's important that you have a headshot that best represents you, that shows off your personality. It's time they see you.  


Receive those kind of headshots that will get your seen and in the door. 


An actors headshot should look cool and interesting.  Right?  This is why Mike focuses on directing you in a way that brings out authentic expressions and confidence in your eyes, making you look approachable.  This is all happens from working one on one with you.  So if you're not sure what to do with your hands or arms, don't worry.  Mike will help you with posing 101, bringing out your strong angles. For more information on what to expect with your session. Click HERE 

Evanston Headshot Photographer.
Mike Walburn Chicago Photographer
Actress Headshot from North Side Chicago near Boys Town.
Chicago Actor Headshot in Boy Town photographer near me.


Does your professional profile image properly represent your brand?

Are people taking your headshot seriously?

Mike Walburn's Professional Chicago Actor Headshot

Chioke Dmachi

Shooting with Mike Walburn was fun and super chill. He has an amazing eye and his lighting expertise really brings out the best in the photos. I was so happy with the photos, it’s been a challenge to choose favorites.

Mike Walburn's Professional Chicago Actor Headshot

Irene Chambers

Mike is a fantastic photographer! Professional, fun, and welcoming. I've came back to him several times for headshots and will continue to do so. Just recently did a portrait shoot with him too and was so happy going through the photos.

Do you appear confident and approachable?

Mike Walburn's Professional Chicago Portrait Photographer

Vanessa Esperanza

Mike is the BEST! I was never rushed, even with 6 changes including makeup. He's funny and makes you feel really comfortable. He also knows how to talk to actors, getting you into the character you want to shoot, and he has killer playlists. I will definitely be back!

Nowadays, social media is a high factor in our careers.  What does your headshot say about you?


Professional Headshot Lake View Photographer Near Me.

What should I wear?  What should I do?  How should I look?  What are casting directors looking for?  I want a headshot that shows my personality. I want a headshot that matches the roles I want to be casted in. 

These are the frequently questions and concerns Mike gets.  He knows it can feel  awkward standing in front of a camera especially if you don't think you're photogenic.  Mike makes his  main focus on making you feel comfortable and confident in yourself while making you look professional and approachable. 

So even though it can feel weird being photographed Mike encourages everyone to invest in themselves by letting go of those fears and doubts and to allow yourself to feel awkward.  That's when  Mike gets those shots that his clients walk away with loving. 

Your headshot is one of the most important marketing tools that you have.


Acting headshots by Chicago Headshot Photographer Mike Walburn

It's a competitive world in the entertainment industry.  You've probably seen or heard the stories of casting directors scrolling through hundreds of actors headshots, all wanting to audition for the same roll.  A great headshot can make the difference between being seen or fading away in the background with the endless of other actors.


Is it time for a new job?  Looking to be taken more seriously?   Whether it's for your business cards, social media or LinkedIn profile, a great professional headshot can help you look like the expert you know you are in your industry.  Give yourself a fun experience you deserve and the images you're proud to show off.

Chicago Corporate Headshots by Chicago Headshot Photographer Mike Walburn

Mike Walburn works hard at producing the best professional headshots in Chicago.

Stans Doughnuts 2.jpg

Mike looks forward to getting to know you during your headshot session!

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